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Product Description

The Hotelkeycard System

Hotelkeycards offers a complete Hotel Card Key package.

  • A complete card issuance system
  • Emergency override card key for management
  • Infrared terminal
  • Energy Saving Device
  • A wide choice of room locks
  • Installation Service

Card Issuance System

  • The card issuance system consists of a personal computer and a motor driven card encoder or a manual card encoder. The system uses ISO magnetic strip cards. Authorized hotel staff can only enter the card issuance system by use of a password.
  • The encoders are specially designed so that other encoders cannot read or copy the hotel’s card.
  • The reception desk can only issue guest cards. Chief manager issues and controls all other staff cards.


Electronic Override

  • An emergency card key, under the manager’s control, will override a double-locked door in the event of an emergency.


Infrared Terminal

  • The infrared terminal will record the last 100 entry events from the lock’s memory without a direct wire connection to the lock.
  • The infrared terminal is connected to a PC or directly to a printer.
Energy Saving Device

  • When a guest card is inserted into the energy saving device, room lights and electric appliances will be operational.


Room Locks

  • A wide choice of styles of room locks are available.
  • Digital electronic locks are available.