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Product Description

Main Features

  • Suitable for safe keeping of laptop, disks and files.
  • Body shaped only once. Looks good as well as offering excellent security.
  • International standard A.D.I. Keypad.
  • Large LED display up to 6 digits.
  • 3-6 digital coding & credit card system.
  • Operation information could show on LED display: battery high or low, error message, programming message, opening record.
  • Two sets of combination codes: user code for hotel guest and master code for hotel management. Management can reset user code between guests.
  • Hotel guest can use his own credit card to operate the safe and hotel management still has an override master code.
  • Four 1.5v/LR6 alkaline batteries last for one year.
  • Emergency overrider (CEU) and emergency manual key.
  • Optional record system tracks last 100 openings
  • Optional hotel network management and control system
  • 230 x 400 x 335 (H x W x D in mm.)
  • Double locking bolt, 6mm door plate, 2.5mm body.

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