Think of your keycard wallet as a pocket-sized marketing secret weapon: Visitors will be delighted with this convenient way to keep their keycards safe; you reap the benefits while effortlessly spreading the word about your business. It’s a win-win situation.

Marketing in Your Pocket

Remember that many of your guests know little about your establishment, so a well-designed hotel keycard wallet is a great way to inform them. Even better, they may use it throughout their trip to keep other cards safe and easily accessible. To top it all, many will bring their keycard wallets home as souvenirs, thus promoting your hotel or guesthouse to a fresh new market. It’s a lot of marketing muscle for minimal investment. We offer a range of designs for your keycard wallets.

Why choose a Hotel Keycards wallet for your keycards?

  • Hotel Keycards use top quality card to print your keycard wallets, leaving a professional impression on your hotel guests.
  • Order one of the designs in stock today, and your keycard wallets will be shipped tomorrow.
  • We offer a choice of hotel keycard wallets, including Scenes of Ireland, Mountain Scene, plain, and branded.
  • Our hotel keycard wallets offer the best value in the market.
  • We ship both large and small volumes of hotel keycard wallets—talk to Glyn today.