Other Products

At Hotel Keycards, we are always thinking about what make our customers’ lives easier. That’s why we offer a range of products as well as keycards and keycard wallets. Talk to Glyn today about any of the following:

Anti-Litter Pouches

It’s in every hotel owner’s interests to have a cleaner, greener environment for guests to visit. That’s why Hotel Keycards has introduced anti-litter pouches, an innovative solution for disposing of gum and cigarettes. This ingenious fire-safe pouch combines litter bin and personal disposable ashtray all in one. The foil-lined ashtray pouch also locks in cigarette odours. It’s ideal for:

  • Your guests who smoke – their own personal, pocket ashtray.
  • Public Authorities.  Avoid spending public funds on cleaning up gum and cigarette butts.
  • Golf Clubs. End the expense and rubbish at tees.
  • Home Owners. Your guests can smoke outside without dropping butts in your garden.
  • Gum Chewers. Avoid a €150 fine (Ireland) for dropping gum.
  • Business Owners. Keep your premises clean of the cigarette ends left by employees on smoke breaks.


At Hotel Keycards, we offer a comprehensive range of locks and security solutions for hotels. We offer:

  • A complete card issuance system
  • Emergency override card key for management
  • Infrared terminal
  • Energy Saving Device
  • A wide choice of room locks, including digital locks
  • Installation Service



The laptop safes supplied by Hotel Keycards ensure your guests’ valuables are stored safely and conveniently. Features include:

  • Suitable for safe keeping of laptop, disks and files
  • Extremely secure with an attractive design
  • International standard A.D.I. keypad
  • Large LED display of up to 6 digits
  • 3-6 digital coding & credit card system
  • Options for operation information on LED display include battery high or low, error message, programming message, opening record.
  • Two sets of combination codes: user code for hotel guest and master code for hotel management. Management can reset user code between stays.

Hotel guest can use his own credit card to operate the safe and hotel management still has an override master code.

Four 1.5v/LR6 alkaline batteries last for one year.

Emergency overrider (CEU) and emergency manual key.

Optional record system tracks last 100 openings

Optional hotel network management and control system

230 x 400 x 335 (H x W x D in mm.)

Double locking bolt, 6mm door plate, 2.5mm body.